Agility ladder nylon - in various rungs for improving agility

Agility Ladder Nylon Rung

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An agility ladder nylon rung is useful in testing your ability to change directions and acceleration when in motion. It is used for training purposes in various fields such as military, sports, etc. If you want to train in an agility ladder, you might be thinking about joining a fitness academy. But now, you can have your very own agility ladder made of nylon. Read more to know about its features.

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Agility Ladder Nylon Rung

Features Of Agility Ladder Nylon Rung

This ladder can be used to test your capacity to change directions when in motion. It can be used both outdoors and indoors. This ladder is easy to set-up at home. It has a unique folding design. The ladder is available in 6, 7, 8, 12 or 14 rungs. You can step on the rings provided on the sides or even run through every box while in speed or accelerating motion.

It has a unique heavy-duty design. The ladder is made from PP material and nylon straps. It can last for several years. This perfect training equipment will not only improve your agility but will also improve your balance and speed. It does not lose shape or get damaged by strong movements. It can be stepped upon easily and remains durable for long. The ladder can be thrown on the ground multiple times. It has a heavy-duty make, which can be rough-handled. You can use it daily as an exciting fun workout at home.

So the next time, you need to improve your agility or capability to change directions quickly, get this agility ladder to practice hard. Made especially for athletes, military and other such training purposes, this ladder is a great workout tool. This ladder also helps to strengthen your leg muscles and makes them stronger.

Agility Ladder Nylon Rung


This agility ladder nylon rung comes with a carry bag, which makes storage quite easy. You can bring the ladder indoors and stack it away after use. You can also carry it outdoors or to your gym every day for practice. It has to be just collected and folded to be stored inside the carry bag.

This ladder is available with different ring numbers. All the numbers are easily adjustable. The ladder is simple to set-up as it comes with a foldable design. It is made with durable quality material. The ladder is portable and easy to carry. It is made from PP plastic and nylon material.

The ladder has an adjustable design. The plastic rings given inside are adjustable and flexible. You can also decide which distance you are comfortable working on. Once you have mastered working upon a certain length and the number of rings, you can then adjust them to a tougher level. All you need to do is to just slide the rings up and down to change the space between the rings.

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