Arm workouts using dumbbells: exercises for developing muscular arms

15-minute Arm Workouts Using Dumbbells

Arm workouts using dumbbells enable you to get strong and bulky triceps and biceps. You look good in a shirt and you develop a confident personality. There are some important arm workouts using dumbbells that can help you achieve your desired goals. You need to be consistent and follow a targeted circuit that works maximum on your arm muscles. While working out, remember that you need to perform every exercise with little rest in between.

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15-minute Arm Workouts Using Dumbbell

Arm Workouts Using Dumbbells– Triceps Extension

Sit in an upright position and hold your dumbbell using both your hands. Raise it above your head slowly. Keep it in a vertical position. Ensure that it is in a straight line with your spine. Next, brace your center and tighten your core. Now bring the dumbbell down at the back of your head until your forearms are aligned with your biceps. Now again bring the dumbbell above your head. Repeat this movement 12 times.

Arm Workouts Using Dumbbells – Wrist Curl

Sit on a bench with your knees 2 feet apart from each other. Place your feet flat on the ground. Keep the dumbbell in your hands such that your palms face upwards. Move a little forward and support your forearms on your thighs. Next, take the weights for as high as you can. Next, rotate your palms downwards and bend your wrists up again. Repeat 15 reps in this way.

Arm Workouts Using Dumbbells – Hammer Curl

Take a dumbbell in each hand, while letting your hands hang at the sides. Brace your back and curl your weights upwards until the thumbs are next to your shoulders. Squeeze and then lower. Now, turn your wrists such that your palms are facing backward. Again curl. Perform 12 reps with alternate grips.

15-minute Arm Workouts Using Dumbbell
15-minute Arm Workouts Using Dumbbell

Overhead Press

While performing this workout, you will have to hold a dumbbell in each hand at your shoulder level and stand. Keep your palms facing in the front. Next, raise both the arms such that you push the weights towards the ceiling until your arms are fully straight and extended. Next, bring them back down to the beginning position and repeat the movement. You need to brace your core throughout the exercise. Repeat 8 to 12 reps in this.

Lateral Raises

Hold light dumbbells that you can easily lift. Hold them next to your side and bend them slightly at your elbow. Stand with your feet placed shoulder-distance apart from each other. Squeeze your core and bend the elbows. After that, move your arms at the sides and also maintain your elbow position. They should reach your shoulder height. Ensure that your body resembles the letter T. Stop for a second and then lower the weights again in a slow-motion back to the beginning position. Perform 12 reps of this arm workout.

All these above-mentioned arm workouts are very effective in giving you bulky and strong arms. You need to perform these exercises thrice a week, every alternate day for 15 minutes. If your trainer allows, you can perform this every day for proper arm muscles. You also need to perform other strength training and cardio exercises along with these arm workouts if you want overall fitness.

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