Best Home Gym Fitness Equipment For Your Workouts -

Best Home Gym Fitness Equipment For Your Workouts

Home Fitness Equipment

The COVID-19 Pandemic has hit the gym lovers, fitness freaks, and fitness enthusiasts real hard as gyms across the country have been closed. Though the Government of India has allowed gyms to open from August 5 as part of Unlock 3.0, the safety concern remains an issue. In this regard, we put forward the top 7 home fitness equipment that you can use to maintain your fitness. 

Yoga Mat

This one is one of the most needed home equipment for doing light exercise, stretching and warm-ups, and of course, Yoga. Have this if you are a yoga enthusiast and do light freehand workouts and stretching.

Benefits of Home Fitness Equipment
Benefits of Home Fitness Equipment

Treadmill – Home Fitness Equipment

The treadmill is one of the most commonly used equipments found in every household. As the pandemic has confined the world’s population in their homes, this is excellent equipment to keep yourself fit. It can be used for light to brisk walking to running at a different speed.

The treadmill is a high home fitness equipment to maintain your cardiovascular system, thus keeping your heart, lungs, and legs healthy. Most of the treadmills can be customized by changing the speed and inclination, making it a single piece of equipment for a whole family. They also have pre-set and customized walk plans that can be used to address specific fitness needs of different ages.

Bench Press

The bench press is a high home fitness equipment that helps build your chest, shoulder, and abs. Try buying equipment which combines multiple workouts like leg curl, abs board, shoulder press along with the bench press. The bench press is one of the best upper body workout fitness equipment, helping build your pecs and triceps, to name a few.

Elliptical Cross Trainer

It is another excellent equipment for cardio exercises. It helps burn a lot of calories, provides both an upper and lower body workout, builds your leg muscles, and protects your joints. This equipment can also be used to vary the intensity of the exercise by mimicking a brisk walk, stair climbing, and running, thus providing a variety of options for different age groups. 


Dumbbells are excellent home fitness equipment to improve your joints. Their use is for shoulder raises multiplane movements, chest flies, and biceps curls. Dumbbells help in muscle growth and intramuscular coordination. So, activating both the muscle tissue’s elastic and contractile components.

Abs Bench

Which ones to use for Home Fitness Equipment
Which ones to use for Home Fitness Equipment

Increased abdominal fat leads to a higher risk of coronary heart disease, fatty liver, diabetes, and gastroenterological problems. Thus reducing these abdominal fats with abs workout forms an integral part of any workout schedule. It makes an abs bench one of the essential home fitness equipment. In addition to reducing your belly fat and toning your abs, and abs bench help in reducing lower back pain, a firmer waistline, and improved posture and stability.

Multi-Home Gym For Fitness Equipment

This one is a piece of advanced fitness equipment that helps people who do varied types of workouts. It serves as one-stop equipment for a variety of exercises. Its usage comes in various activities to train your chest, back, legs, and shoulders. The material is very compact and takes up very little space compared to other popular ones. They are also highly durable and they last for a long time.

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