Fitness Tracker For Kids Buying Guide -

Fitness Tracker For Kids Buying Guide

Fitness Tracker for Kids

Do you think that fitness struggle is only for adults? Well, then you could not be more wrong. Most of the millennial kids are very lazy and lead a sedentary lifestyle. That is the reason why it is essential to buy a fitness tracker for kids. With this tracking application’s help, it will be easier to get kids out of their lazy routine and make them active. There is a lot of controversy regarding the effectiveness of fitness trackers, but most of the impact is positive. Most kids will track the calorie count, and they will have self-awareness regarding their fitness levels. Here are some of the best fitness trackers for kids you can buy, which has received an overall excellent rating.

Garmin Vivofit jr2

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According to the fitness gear experts, it is one of the best overall performers to get in the market. It is quite lucrative to the adults as well and is quite appealing to the kids. It is available in neon orange color, and comes with various superhero-themed engraving. It has many differences from its predecessor, and it is recommended for kids within the age range of 4 to 7. One of the best features of this fitness tracker is that it creates step goals and various challenges so that your kids can have fun working out. It also has a sleep tracking and active minute tracking system, which will help your kids achieve their fitness goals.

Fitbit Ace 2- Fitness Tracker For Kids

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Fitbit has brought specific fitness trackers especially for children, which comes in unique colors. You can get it in neon yellow and watermelon teal, and it has an exquisite look. It is one of the most easy-to-use and straightforward trackers that will reward the kids for their hard work and accomplishment. It has a child-friendly design and quite sturdy. The silicone bumper will act as a protective shield, and the strap is widely adjustable for all wrist sizes. It will track hours of sleep as well as you can have significant energy levels. The kids can always customize the faces of the clock for a unique touch.

VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX2

This is one of the best fitness watches that comes to the best value for money, and has numerous multimedia features. It was released back in September 2017, and till date, it has the highest range of multimedia users. This smartwatch also has a perimeter, and you can get amazing new games for the kids to engage in. There are active monitors so that the kids can indulge in various activities and challenges. The smartwatch’s motion sensor variant will comprise three action challenges, and it is also a splashproof tracking machine.


Now that we already have mentioned all three top fitness track models for kids, you have to grab one among the three. All these models are quite affordable, and your kids will love to flaunt it at the party. So what are you waiting for?

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