Tips To Properly Cool Down After A Workout

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You should adequately cool down after a workout! It may sound quite unimportant, but your body needs it. During workout, your body remains in an active phase that generates heat. Your heart rate is high, your blood circulation is at the peak, and your every muscle is concreting and expanding at a vicious rate.

Here, you cannot abruptly end the whole workout and got for a quick bath. Doing so may give you unseen body injury, which could make you suffer more and intense. 

What Do You Understand With Cool Down After A Workout?

Cool down post-workout means shifting back to the standard body rate. It includes the normal heart rate, breathing rate, and temperature. As you cool down your body, you make your blood circulation normal, which reduced the risk of dizziness. 

The Importance Of Cool Down After A Workout

  • Your stay away from the risk of fainting
  • Heart rate gets back to normal
  • Muscle soreness gets reduced
  • Lactic acid, a waste product of excessive workout, gets eliminated
  • Muscles relax and get ready for the next session

Ways To Properly Cool Down After A workout

Everyone has their ways to cool down after a workout, which may differ to an extent. However, no matter whatever you do, you perform it properly because your body may witness bad effects due to improper cool down. 

Therefore, a proper cool down must take 15 minutes and so, including low-intensity exercises, walking, stretching, etc. Adding to it, some other ways are mentioned below. 

Tips To Properly Cool Down After A Workout
Tips To Properly Cool Down After A Workout

·        Touch Your Toe While Standing

It is an excellent stretch for the body parts like lower back, hamstrings, and glutes. You should perform it while standing straight. You must touch your toe without bending your upper lower body. 

·        Deep Lunge While Rotating

When you perform a deep lunge, your body parts like the quad, hip, and groin get cool down. To perform a deep lunge, put one of leg backward and stretch as much as you can. Your knee must not touch the ground while being fully stretched backward. 

·        Side Stretch To Cool Down After A Workout

Stretch your body from one side to another to calm down and relax the spine, lower back, and abs. 

·        Figure 4 Stretching

Figure 4 Stretching is performed while lying down by the backside. You have to fold your thighs in a way that it makes a right angle with an abdomen with one leg resting another. This stretch is suitable for your glutes, hips, lower back, and spine. 

Tips To Properly Cool Down After A Workout
Tips To Properly Cool Down After A Workout

·        Upper Chest Stretching To Cool Down After A Workout

As the name suggests, upper chest stretching includes sending you both hands backside and stretching them as much as you could. If performed correctly, it will help to relax your chest and front shoulder. 

Final Takeaway

Regular stretching cannot justify the workout required by your body, and hence, a vigorous regimen is necessary. But, amidst all the hard work and rigorous exercise, don’t forget to relax your body before you move to the next state. Abruptly ending your workout may end up with body pain, muscle soreness, discomfort, etc. 

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