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What Fitness Tracker App Should You Get In 2020

Fitness Tracker App

The importance of keeping fit can not be overestimated. It brings a lot of benefits, apart from keeping you generally healthy. The problem however is developing the consistency to get a regular fitness schedule. How do you get to workout everyday so as to get the benefits keeping fit has to offer?

This is where fitness tracker apps come in. These apps serve as reminders for you to workout everyday. They serve as trainers or partners in your workout sessions. They also keep track of your progress daily. However, numerous apps exist. So, which fitness tracker app should you get in 2020? We discuss some in this post.

My Fitness Pal

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This is one of the best fitness tracker apps in the market. It offers several advantages over other fitness apps. Not only does it log your workouts, it also keeps track of your food intake. It has over 350 cardio and strength workouts.

Apart from helping you work out and keeping track of your progress, it monitors your nutritional intake also. It has a database of 6 million foods or more. It keeps track of your calorie intake, even having a ‘restaurant logger’ that keeps track of calorie consumed when you go out to eat.

What’s more, My Fitness Pal is compatible with up to 50 other apps and devices, so your workout sessions are kept synchronized across all your devices. Additionally, the app offers easy customization, and helps you adapt to meet your fitness goals. You however have to pay to unlock the full features of the app.

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

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If you’re looking to have your workouts done from home, then this app is the right one for you. Developed by an experienced trainer, it especially helps beginners get accustomed to having a regular workout schedule. The app also comes utterly free, offering you numerous services at no cost.

Depending on your strength, you may also vary your workouts duration, from five to thirty minutes. Over 95 workout moves are contained in the app. This app is especially suitable for beginners, since it makes it easy enough to workout, and also hard enough to feel the effects. The only con is that it does not track your calorie intake like some other fitness tracker apps.

Zones For Training

Unlike other fitness tracker apps, Zones For Training does not actually offer workouts. It only helps track your progress. It monitors your heart rate while sleeping and while active. It also helps you determine if you’re burning fat, and indicates your peak activity level.

This app is especially suitable for use with Apple watch. Those who are experienced in exercising appreciate this app more. The service comes relatively free. However, you should avoid this app if you’re on heart rate medications.


Fitness tracker apps help you keep track of your fitness progress; from heart rate, to calorie intake, even to fat burned. Numerous of them exist in the market. Hence, we discuss what fitness tracker app you should get in 2020.

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